Pigment powders and inks

Resin pigments and resin inks are versatile and vibrant additives that enhance the aesthetics and creative possibilities of resin projects.

Resin pigments, typically available as powdered or liquid forms, are specifically designed to be mixed with resin to add color. They come in a wide variety of shades and hues, allowing artists and craftsmen to create custom colors and gradients.

Resin pigments are preferred for their opacity and ability to blend well, making them suitable for solid-colored or translucent effects. On the other hand, resin inks are a liquid form of colorant specifically formulated for resin. They are highly concentrated and can be easily dispensed, making them ideal for creating intricate designs, swirls, or marbling effects.

Whether using pigments or inks, resin artists have the versatility to explore endless possibilities, from simple monochrome pieces to intricate multicolored artworks.

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