Quick Set UV Resin 100g

Customer reviews on the QuickSet UV resin

“I use it on small polymer figures I made and thus far it is working well. I cured it both with a UV light and in the sun (our main source of UV light)”

“First time using it and I love it. Had to make souvenirs for daughter’s wedding. A little goes a long way. Cures quickly under uv lamp. Like the spout for pouring. Will definitely buy again”

This product sets beautifully and has a clear quality. Worth the buy, also very limited bubbles but honestly very nice to work with”.

“Works within a few seconds, depending on the strength of your uv light. It’s perfect”.

“First time using UV resin, but not my first rodeo with resin. I am using it for finishing polymer clay jewelry and I am just loving the finish it gives and how user friendly this resin is. Very happy”.

“Great UV resin. Just wish it was a little bit cheaper. Not too thick and cures fast”.”Great UV resin“.

“Fantastic product. Will buy again”.

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