QuickCast basic kit


This kit is supplied in a 2.5L white bucket and comprises:

1500g QuickCast powder

170g QuickCast liquid


In the art world, and specialist construction designer field, people overseas have been using a product known as Jesmonite, which is not available in South Africa. We are in the fortunate position to have access to brilliant technology to produce a superb alternative which we call QuickCast.

QuickCast is a special blend of mineral powders which forms a very hard solid product in about 30 minutes when mixed with water, but for an even greater degree of strength and hardness, we supply both the powder and QuickCast liquid together.

Make anything your imagination can create, simply produce or buy the mould, and then fill it with QuickCast, let it set, and in 30 minutes you have your product.



Yes, once you have produced your masterpiece, simply coat with PondKote, which is totally transparent, or you can tint it.  Then sink your artwork under water into your pond, or fish tank permanently.



QuickCast has been specifically formulated to produce a hard wearing, super bright and easy to use product when mixed with water.

QuickCast can be used to create anything so long as you have a mould for it… bowls, coasters, busts, paper weights, vases, garden gnomes, household ornaments, gifts for Christmas or friends… the amount of things you can create is limitless.

QuickCast can be poured into any removable mould, meaning the possibilities are endless for you and your craft.

From lamp stands to busts and even little figurines used on walls or table decor, this product is easy to use and comes out super white in colour.
If you want to have a piece that is not 100% white, you can feel free to experiment with colours and even little flecks of other aggregate in the QuickCast powder.

When QuickCast powder is mixed with it’s liquid, a friendly acrylic blend, you can pour it into any flexible mould and it can be removed after 30 minutes from that mould and left to fully cure while you make another object in the same mould.


Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 230 × 300 mm
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