CeraCast & QuickCast

CeraCast, QuickCast & Jesmonite are eco-friendly safe alternatives to resin, plaster and concrete.

CeraCast is a high-end moulding solution which yields final products with ceramic qualities, uses and strength. It does not require oven baking in its setting process, unlike ceramics. The product is safe and non-toxic. CeraCast is a combination of the purest and highest quality aggregates combined with a natural binder system used since the late 1800s by dentists for tooth fillings. It is also used for manufacturing of billiard balls, surrogate material for ivory, concrete in construction where higher strength and more resilience is required.

QuickCast is a special blend of mineral powders which forms a very hard solid product in about thirty minutes. When mixed with QuickCast liquid (provided), it yields an even greater degree of strength and hardness. The product is safe an non-toxic. QuickCast consists of finest and purest hydrated calcium sulphate found in Egypt, a compound that has been used since the earliest years of mankind. Combining this high quality powder with the best polymer provides the strongest of its kind and most user friendly liquid to pour effortlessly into a mould to create a perfect replica.

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